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My first project as an architecture student

The Cornell Years

My first semester architecture school project was to design a loft for a screenwriter.  The shell of the loft was given as the site.

Here is what I wrote:

"A series of mechanical devices allow the resident screenwriter to transform his environment.

The work space or public function of the loft is for film screenings.  With the push of a button a platform descends to reveal a large skylight and a lounge area.  The private space of the loft focuses on a leisurely progression from living room to dining, and finally to the bed room. 

The living room/lounge platform rises to block off the skylight and reveal the seating.  The screen is lowered, blocking off the dining room, while the refrigerator slides forward to provide guests with refreshments.  The films are projected from the screenwriter’s office that is reached by riding an elevator the access his person film library."

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