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Distractions get in the way of creativity

Distractions get in the way of creativity

As a designer, I have always wanted to shape my own commissions and have the flexibility to follow my curiosity instead of constantly pursuing clients. Entrepreneurship is great and has been the scaffolding that supports my various design adventures but brings with it a set of administrative responsibilities that represent the least enjoyable part of my week.

For me running a small business doesn’t always feel creative in the moment. Time spent on spreadsheets, invoices and emails is time away from the sketchbook or workshop. The less I have to worry about small business challenges the more time I have to dream about my next project.

I typically don’t think of small business insurance as a creative topic, but I worry less about claims and lawsuits I can’t see coming which certainly improves my creative mindset. It is important to create a financial safety net for the future with small business insurance. Prepare for the unexpected so that you can build the unexpected. Distractions get in the way of creativity so protect your small business with insurance.

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